A Winning Proposition

Partnering with the UA College of Engineering is a low-risk proposition with enormous potential.

  • Accelerate R&D, especially for companies that may be resource-limited
  • Grow and diversify your workforce
  • Advance engineering education and training for your future employees

From global Fortune 500 companies to local startups, industry partners gain access to faculty expertise, labs and research resources and get early opportunities to hire the best and brightest UA Engineering students.

Research Collaboration

With expenditures exceeding $600 million a year, research is a cornerstone at the university. Whether you are a large company, small company, or somewhere in between, partnering with the UA delivers substantial benefits – specialized facilities and equipment, faculty expertise, and a talented workforce of students, for example.

In fact, strong academic-industry partnerships can form the backbone of federal research grants and contracts. Government seed grants – SBIR and STTR – are often ideal for businesses that have fewer than 500 employees and are seeking R&D support.


Centers & Institutes Talent Recruitment  Design Projects Advisory Roles

companies partnering with the UA College of Engineering

At UA Engineering, we understand the challenges of industry-related research, and we are uniquely suited to forge productive, mutually beneficial partnerships. Join forces with a top research university to advance your company’s R&D goals, de-risk entrepreneurial projects, and find future employees.

— Mark Van Dyke, UA Engineering Associate Dean of Research

Talent Recruitment

The college provides its industry partners with a number of ways to tap into a wellspring of talent.

hire an intern

Hire an Intern or Co-Op Student

Hiring students goes a long way toward developing a diverse, well-qualified workforce. UA Engineering students from all fields are known for making valuable contributions while working alongside engineers and other professionals.

Recruit at iExpo

Recruit at iExpo

The iExpo Industry Career Fair, a student-run event held every spring, is one of the best UA career fairs for engineers. Other popular job fairs for engineers typically include the BIO5 Institute networking event in January and the Civil Engineering career fair in October. Due to the current pandemic, iExpo will be a virtual event, making participation possible for more employers.  Companies of all sizes are encouraged to participate (details on the 2021 event coming soon).

From Awe-Inspiring Creations to Top-Notch Employees

industry partners

TI Grows Repertoire of Design Projects

Mainstay Texas Instruments has sponsored five senior design teams a year since 2010 -- with projects ranging from deep-water sensors and rockets to renewable energy systems and medical devices -- and the company funds the Analog Design Contest Award.

industry partners

Students Trek to Boeing, Honeywell

Engineering alumni and UA Career Services join forces on industry treks that introduce students to career possibilities in various fields. On the Boeing-Honeywell trek in Phoenix, students meet professionals and see how 737 commercial jets and Apache military helicopters are put together.

industry partners

Donated Tools Promote Learning

Keysight Technologies, an Agilent spinoff, has donated to the College millions of dollars in design software and electronic instrumentation and Sturm, Ruger & Co. hundreds of thousands of dollars in machining tools, giving UA students a boost in creativity and an edge in the job market.

industry partners

W.L. Gore Picks Winning Teams

W.L. Gore & Associates sponsors the College’s Solar Oven Throw Down, a dazzling display of freshman engineers’ math moxie and teamwork, held every fall on the UA Mall. Gore awards prizes to the strongest teams, some of whose members have gone on to join Gore’s winning team.

industry partners

Groups Back High School Course

Science Foundation Arizona, Salt River Project and Intel are major sponsors of ENGR 102 HS, a high school version of the UA’s introductory engineering course. The American Society for Engineering Education honored the course with a Best Practices in K-12 and University Partnerships Award.

industry partners

Mentors Energize Hispanic Club

Raytheon, IBM and Intel donate thousands of dollars every year to support the award-winning UA chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers in its community outreach programs, and company employees guide SHPE students to become engineering leaders.

industry partners

Defense Firms Adopt Cost Modeling

UA systems engineer Ricardo Valerdi created the Constructive Systems Engineering Cost Model software program using data from BAE Systems, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and other defense contractors. Now the companies are using COSYSMO to quantify R&D decisions.

industry partners

Center Advances Green Fabrication

The UA-based SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing has developed technologies, including water filtration and solvent-free deposition, that have been licensed and adopted by Fortune 100 companies and start-ups alike.

industry partners

Agencies Support Traffic Reduction

The Arizona Transit Association has provided financial support for the development of a high-speed bus transit system, and the Pima Association of Governments has partnered on a traffic app designed to alleviate traffic congestion by encouraging motorists to modify their commuting habits.

industry partners

Student Interns Convert to Full-Time

Like dozens of other major defense contractors and engineering companies, Sargent Aerospace & Defense recruits employees at the College of Engineering’s annual, student-run iExpo Industry Career Fair. The companies regularly hire UA graduates after testing them out as student interns.

industry partners

Class Talk Ends with Key Hires

Representatives of global consulting firm ECI spoke to a class of UA Engineering seniors and interviewed each student afterward. Three of those former civil engineering students have worked as engineers for the company since they graduated in 2012-2013.

industry partners

Raytheon Project Steers Careers

For a nominal investment, Raytheon got help from an interdisciplinary senior design team to develop robotic devices that help prevent fires on naval ships and injuries among soldiers on ground patrol. Raytheon has hired two of the team members to continue working on the technology.

industry partners

Alum Employs a Dozen Graduates

Aztera LLC accelerates technology development for its dozens of customers ranging from Intel to one-person start-ups. The company’s CEO and president, Manny Teran, who serves on the College’s Industry Advisory Board, and 12 of his 13 engineers are all UA Engineering alumni.

Contact UsFor more information on UA Engineering student employment programs and recruitment opportunities, please email Heather Moore, heathermoore@arizona.edu, or call 520.621.3647.

Sponsor a Student Design Project

Many companies have little surplus bandwidth to devote to smaller-scale prototypes and designs. Partnering with the Craig M. Berge Engineering Design Program mitigates your risk while giving student teams opportunities to work on real-world projects.

Along with a faculty lead, industry sponsors can co-mentor students, which also provides yet another avenue for assessing potential hires. Additionally, select projects benefit from having Craig M. Berge Student Fellow team leaders and larger project budgets.

Each spring, industry partners attend Design Day to celebrate capstone project successes. Hundreds of engineering students publicly display their interdisciplinary team projects, some of which lead to patents or become commercial products.

Research Centers & Institutes

Institutes and Centers represent strength in specific research domains and are an excellent place to partner with the UA Engineering.

  • Arizona Materials Laboratory

  • Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy

  • Arizona Research Center for Hypersonics

  • Broadband Wireless Access and Applications Center

  • Nano Fabrication and Processing Center

  • Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources

  • NSF/UA Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center

  • SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • University Spectroscopy and Imaging Facilities

infinite possibilities

Partner Perspectives

Devon Campbell

Devon Campbell

“Internships and student design projects have served Ventana exceptionally well, by allowing the company to identify and hire emerging talent.”

Devon Campbell, Quanterix senior director, formerly Ventana Medical Systems director
Mark Whitaker

Mark Whitaker

“At iExpo, we find very skilled, very determined people, with a work ethic built over four years.”

Mark Whitaker, United Health Group IT program manager
Patrick Marcus

Patrick Marcus

“Local startups must build relationships with engineering students early on. We can’t afford not to be closely involved with the College.”

Patrick Marcus, Marcus Engineering
Erica Corral

Erica Corral

“I regularly receive phone calls from NASA, the Air Force and Honeywell, asking when our next student is graduating.”

Erica Corral, UA associate professor of materials science and engineering
Contact Us For more information on research partnerships, email Mark Van Dyke or call 520.631.4737